The Church Family, a Dynasty of Doctors in Aylmer

Dr Peter Howard Church (1805-1875)
Dr Peter Howard Church (1805-1875)

For more than a century, four generations of Church practiced medicine in Aylmer. The first was Dr. Peter Howard Church, son of Dr. Jonathan Mills Church established in Merrickville. After a career as a soldier, a farmer and an innkeeper, Peter Howard, who had already settled in Aylmer, wanted to become a doctor like his father and went on to study medicine at McGill University. He graduated in 1846.

In addition to Peter Howard, other Church have also enjoyed a certain notoriety: Dr. Coller Munsell Church as alderman and mayor of Aylmer (… and ancestor of our donor); Hon. Dr. Levi Ruggles Church as a politician, Attorney General and Treasurer of the Province of Quebec; Dr. Harcourt “Harkie” Church, the last of the Church Dynasty, as a specialist in child delivery (over 4000 babies) and president of the Canadian Medical Association.

This temporary exhibition is made possible with the donations of Morgan Holmes, in memory of his grandmother Helen Gertrude Rochester, granddaughter of Dr. Coller Munsell Church, and Margaret Evelyn Steele, granddaughter of Dr. Frederick William Church.

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